Mambo Component Tutorial

Few days ago I was looking for a whois component to be used on this site but couldn't find something that works and is simple enough. So I decided to write one myself. Then I was hit by another problem because Mambo doesn't have clear documentation for component developers (yet) and only few sites provide tutorials. Therefore, I had to download others' components and dig through the files to understand how it works. This article is an attempt to summarize what I’ve learned so far. Read more »

Mambo Template Explained

The first thing that you want to do after successfully installing Mambo is probably to change the template layout and design. The easiest way is, of course, to download and install a ready-made one (there are many out there). However, you may have to make some adjustments and modifications here and there to suit your site's requirements and it means you need to edit the template file. This article explains about the codes you will find inside a template layout file and how they are linked to the contents and configuration you set from the backend. Read more »

Adding Page Titles to Mambo TOC

When writing a long content in Mambo, chances are you will want to break it into smaller sections. The good thing is that Mambo comes with { mospagebreak } which you can insert anywhere in the article and Mambo will automatically do the breaking and even displaying a table of contents (TOC). The bad thing is that by default the TOC is an ugly list of 'Page 2', 'Page 3', etc. Here's how to change it to your own titles. Read more »

Basic SEO Guide And Tips

Search engine optimization or SEO is very important to get your website listed in search engines. Even if this is the first website you have built there are a few basic and easy steps that will help you with optimizing your website without being a pro. Read more »

Flash: Friend or Foe?

Macromedia Flash is spreading rapidly across the Internet and many web designers and developers believe Flash, as it is commonly called, is the future of Internet design. The use of Flash includes moving graphics, sounds, motion, and interactivity. These are great from a graphics standpoint although the areas most important to web surfers are content, speed and simple navigation. Of course, Flash has its benefits it has its drawbacks as well and an evaluation of both the pros and cons of Macromedia Flash will help you determine whether Flash is your website's friend or foe. Read more »

Firefox Extensions For Web Developers

I love Firefox. Really. The first time I used it I was blown away by the tabs. They were the coolest thing I've ever seen in a browser. Soon, I realised that I could do much more with the help of extensions. These extensions has made my life easier, especially when designing new websites or changing the layout of the existing ones. So now I'm going to share with you several Firefox extensions that will change your life as a web developer. Read more »

Firefox Extension Review: View Source Chart

I found this extension while browsing Firefox extenstions website and it immediately caught my attention. I'm one that learn the most by example so I do a lot of 'view source' while browsing the internet to find out how a certain layout is build, how the designer stack and nest the elements, and so on. But with most HTML codes nowadays generated by some kind of automated scripts, the source can be a lot uglier than what is seen on the browser. I'm not talking about table vs. div but long HTML codes without line breaks. It's a pain having to copy and paste it to a text editor and then inserting the line breaks and indentations one by one just to see the page structure. Not to mention going to another page means having to repeat the process ad nauseaum. This extension does exactly what I need: presenting the source code in a proper nested structure. Plus, it's color coded! Read more »

Don’t Quote Me on That!

Single quote, double quote, or no quote? This seemingly simple question is often asked by those new to PHP. Suprisingly, however, some of those who claimed to be PHP programmer also can't tell the difference. It's very simple, really. Read more »

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